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Shinetech Software was founded in 2001. In 2003, we won our first UK-based client. As the demand for custom software development and leading quality assurance and improvement strategies grew in the EU and the UK, we decided to open our first office in London in 2010. Our goal has been to serve our customer base better.

Since then, we have had the honour to work with 150+ customers in the UK and the EU, ranging from startups to publicly funded healthcare systems and FTSE Eurotop 100 companies. Here is a small sample of our past and present customers.

Featured Case Studies

The following case studies showcase a vertical slice of our collected skill sets.

We would like to thank all our clients who are kind enough to allow us to share their stories. We have over 1500+ completed projects and look forward to writing new stories in the future!

Helping the customer make better decisions with business intelligence

Business intelligence done right

In only 6 months, Shinetech developers created a unique store delivery BI solution that tracks each store’s effectiveness. Now, the client has a system that unifies and presents crucial multi-dimensional data.

BI case study - custom dashboard preview
Updated interface for the SaaS customer - Shientech Software

Rebuilding A SaaS Platform For an Insurance Company

Shinetech have established active cooperation since 2018 with this customer, and we have more work planned ahead. Currently, the rebuilt platform supports users from 1000+ finance companies

Digital transformation – web development

Becoming a leader in the industry

We added value to the client’s business from three aspects: the technical aspect, the work process, and by identifying opportunities that would help them in the future. Because of this, Shinetech Software became the customer’s software development partner.
Digital transformation dashboard - web development
Magento eCommerce Enterprise solution

eCommerce Enterprise Solution

Sales increased by 300%-400%

Shinetech built a brand new eCommerce site for this client’s
China headquarters which lead to the client’s sales increase by
300%~400% the same year.

Track Day Recording iOS APP

Powerful features with a sleek design

Shinetech built a feature-rich iOS mobile application that allows users to track, analyze, and share their race track performance
as well as purchase additional feature via in-app purchases
iOS Track Day App
IoT Intelligent Farming System

IOT Intelligent Farming System

Was built with amazing people!

Shinetech built a system to track farm machinery and monitor
weather conditions to calculate the best planting programs.
Shinetech achieved this by integrating with proprietary hardware
using NodeJS

Medical Device Manufacturer

Providing System Maintenance

The FDA introduced a new labelling requirements for healthcare
products, Shinetech took over from a previous vendor to
integrate and transform their system to meet the new FDA
standards, while adding new functions to increase efficiency.
Upgrading Legacy System for a Medical Device Manufacturer
Cloud-based Sports Platform

Cloud Based Sports Platform

52% annual savings in development cost

Shinetech built & deployed a future-proof cloud solution that cut
in half the clients annual development costs as well as speeding
up their deployment time by 85%

Office Automation Startup

Starting up made easy with Shinetech

Australian based Startup wanted to build a SaaS product of an
automated office suite for ad re-sellers. Shinetech helped the
client go from 0 to a fully functional SaaS platform.
Office Automation interface

Here is what our customers
are saying about us

Andy Dowling , CEO
Andy Dowling , CEO

"Digitary engaged Shinetech across 2017 and 2018 to help our team on-board over 40 Universities in Australia and New Zealand to Digitary's cloud platform. During this time, the Shinetech team have proven to be very knowledgeable, professional, and diligent in their work. Overall, we have had a very positive experience working with the Shinetech team and we would recommend them."

Jeff Wrigley
Jeff Wrigley

"We have worked with Shinetech Software Inc. for years and they have become our long-term development partner... we are very comfortable bringing additional projects to this company... We would definitely recommend Shinetech with a high level of professionalism, reliability, and good communication skills."

Justin Saul
Justin Saul

"Shinetech is knowledgeable, professional, and provides a high level of customer service. They provides more than just software development, their developers provide solutions. We continue to be impressed by our experience with ShineTech and plan to partner with them for the foreseeable future..."

Adam McNeil , CTO
Adam McNeil , CTO

"Studiosity partners with Shintech to help us extend the capabilities of our internal development team. They have been able to source qualified developers at short notice who have been excellent in delivering on our requirements. Communication is always prompt and the flexibility has been great for our team."

Taco Jansen
Taco Jansen

"We have worked with Shinetech for almost two years, and we are constantly impressed by the team's speed and the quality of the work. Shinetech is extremely collaborative and communicative, and the deliverables are always on time and in line with our budget..."

Christopher Persson
Christopher Persson

" impressed I am with the product and everyone who is/has been involved in its creation!I have played around with it this morning and find it mega cool - restaurants will love this! I'm really proud of being part of such a cool team with such a top dollar product. "

Adam Rice, CTO
Adam Rice, CTO

“Morning Coffee builds bespoke web and mobile applications in a range of industries including fintech, education, and enterprise. Through the years, Shinetech has been there to support us both when big projects have left us under-resourced or the requirements of a project are outside of our core skill set. Shinetech have supported the successful delivery of a wide range of requirements including eCommerce systems, tablet-based point of sale with credit card functionality, and quality assurance for financial products. No matter our requirements, Shinetech has always provided skilled people to meet our needs."

Tim Schneider
Tim Schneider

"Our team at Shinetech has been diligent in understanding the requirements, which are both many and complex. They are involved in the design of the application as well as its development, and along the way have proposed some innovative solutions to difficult problems. They have been excellent at selecting the team members and managing the work that they do. Their communications and English language skills are excellent.They were most hospitable when I went to visit them in Beijing. And they have consistently shown unwavering commitment to getting a great job done…"

Rei Carvalho
Rei Carvalho

"The professional relationship with Shinetech has been beyond our expectations. I would like to congratulate you on your levels of customer service, as your support team is always quick to respond, highly competent and extremely courteous. We have shared a wonderful experience working their highly competent and flexible team who has always been alongside during critical deliveries and implementations. The project management practices and open communication with the team provided us the transparency and know-how of the progress of the work being carried out…"


Ben Palmer, Founder


“We started our application with ShineTech about 2 years ago on the back of a locally developed prototype. If we had not decided to outsource our development to ShineTech and stayed with local New Zealand based developers we would not be in the position we are today with a feature rich and very stable product. We did a lot of due diligence before going with ShineTech so had a good idea of what they were like. What has been a very pleasant and encouraging surprise over and above their ability to capture our requirements really quickly and easily is their ability to offer really good advice and product suggestions that we may never have thought of. We definitely see ShineTech as a long term Partner for our product development.”

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