Transfer your Chinese-based development
team to Shinetech Software

Mitigate risk, achieve 100% compliance with local regulations, and keep the same established team with the possibility of expanding it

International companies find it increasingly hard to keep up with all updates to laws and regulations in order to keep Chinese-based development teams and continue working. The necessity of having legal and operations teams to help with payroll, compliance, and
administration locally can strain revenue pipelines and hinder growth. This possibility is especially important to companies that already have established Chinese development teams whom they trust and have an excellent working relationship with.

We can help with this situation. Shinetech Software is a Chinese-based international software development company. We already have
reliable systems in place that help our customers get the best development service.

We already have established hiring, retaining, and growth systems that lower your recruitment costs to zero. We have legal, HR, and admin teams that help your developers remain 100% compliant with all regulations. Only the mode of work changes, but everything else regarding your team within Shinetech has the potential to grow.

The transfer process

Transferring your team to Shinetech Software has several steps. We begin by meeting with you to understand your current arrangements with the Chinese-located team. Our legal teams look into the contracts and provide an in-depth analysis of the existing laws and regulations that will apply during the process and after its completion.

Once we conclude our meetings with you, we speak with each team member. We ensure that your team understands the process and that their needs, expectations, and requirements are addressed and negotiated adequately once the process starts. We also guarantee that all the information is transparent and available at each step. Here is a roadmap of how the team transfer process will unfold after meeting with you and understanding your situation.

1) Understanding the team’s needs

Shinetech HR personnel meets with each member to present the situation and discuss your development team’s needs and requirements. We explain why the team transfer process is necessary and what they can expect. This includes explaining which regulations will impact their new contracts with Shinetech Software and what they can expect regarding work hours, salaries, social insurance, and other commitments.


2) Organising the information

After meeting all your team members, we quantify the crucial needs and requirements and establish their priority. We also set up a systematic list of all their requirements so that you understand what they need the most. We also analyse what has been said in the meetings and share all details with you, so you are fully aware of what your team expects from the team transfer process.

3) Negotiation phase

3) Negotiation phase

Once we gather all the necessary information and quantify it, we will set up a meeting with you and present their requests. We also explain thoroughly the regulations that will impact your team once they start working under Shinetech Software. Sometimes, when the laws are unclear, a member of our legal team assists in their interpretation.


4) Team transfer completed

Under PRC law, the existing contract between you and the team is terminated and the developers sign a new contract with Shinetech Software, but not before we finalise the exact team transfer terms. We also agree on how to address the developers’ previous service period, and sign a master service agreement with you so that, once the team transfer process is completed, the developers can continue to work on your software as soon as possible.

We know the transfer process may be stressful for some of your team members, so we do our best to ensure stability and transparency at each step. After completing the process, your team members become full Shinetech employees without any trial or probation period.

And should you need more talent and wish to expand your operations after the transfer, we can arrange interviews between you and our specialists and the internal pool of 500+ specialized developers.

How we take care of your team
during and after the transfer

Great software starts with great people – this has been our motto since Shinetech’s founding back in 2001. That is why we take care of all employees that work under the Shinetech brand and go the extra length to help them with all their needs. In return, the developers are only accountable to the customers they work with, not the HR or any middle managers.

However, our hiring process is rigorous. Although we work in a highly specialized industry, we carefully uncover the differences in our screening process. Here, we describe our hiring process.

Shinetech Software's team leader introducing new hires to our way of working
In Shinetech Software, the developers have the chance to choose the projects where they feel they can contribute the most.

The culture of continuous learning

At Shinetech Software, we support the culture of continuous learning. As a company, we strive to stay updated about the best practices in software development, so we frequently host meetups, tech demo sessions, and online conferences where developers and teams present their work and achievements.

Individually, our developers also have an extensive support system that helps them to pursue certifications and gain deep experience. We also have internal communication channels where everyone can discuss ideas and ask for help.

Full transparency with the customer and with each other

In Shinetech Software, everything has to be transparent. We champion transparency because that is the only way to build trust among team members, customers, and other teams. But we go one step further – we never conceal our agreements with the customers from the team, and each team member can see their and others’ rates and work hours in our system.

Full transparency is a must in Shinetech Software

We understand how indispensable are the people who already have in-depth knowledge about your software. Reach out to us via the contact form below; we will be happy to discuss this matter more in-depth and share more details with you. You will see how Shinetech is the right fit for your team.

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