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Work directly with Shinetech dedicated Java developers to bring your project to life. We focus on your project’s business as well as technical aspects. Whether you are starting out or already have a Java-based system, we want to help you and make the best software in Java that fits your business needs and objectives

Shinetech Java services

Our dedicated Java developers master a wide range of skills to encompass all your software needs. We specialize in:

Enterprise apps

Due to its scalability, Java is ideal for enterprises looking to develop multi-tiered and robust systems. Our skilled dedicated Java developers can create the robust architecture your enterprise needs to remain competitive in your industry.

Java migrations

Successfully migrating legacy systems is a complex process that requires replicating outdated code with new solutions. This includes transferring business logic, functionalities, data, and all features that will make your business run even better on the new system.

Mobile and web apps

By combining Java EE with the Spring framework, Shinetech dedicated Java developers can implement flexible, multi-platform solutions and sync your data over numerous devices. Whether it’s microservices you need or a particular feature, our developers can make it a reality.

Custom Java application development

We build both simple apps and complete custom management systems. Whether you need new features or an entire Java-based system to automate your business tasks, our Java experts can deliver them quickly and efficiently.

Java Cloud solutions

More and more companies are making the switch from on-premise architecture to cloud. Our dedicated Java developers can help by making this process efficient, quick, and painless.

What our customers say

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Tim Schneider Managing Director

“Our team at Shinetech has been diligent in understanding the requirements, which are both many and complex. They are involved in the design of the application as well as its development, and along the way have proposed some innovative solutions to difficult problems. They have been excellent at selecting the team members and managing the work that they do. Their communications and English language skills are excellent.They were most hospitable when I went to visit them in Beijing. And they have consistently shown unwavering commitment to getting a great job done…”

Rei Carvalho CTO

“The professional relationship with Shinetech has been beyond our expectations. I would like to congratulate you on your levels of customer service, as your support team is always quick to respond, highly competent and extremely courteous. We have shared a wonderful experience working their highly competent and flexible team who has always been alongside during critical deliveries and implementations. The project management practices and open communication with the team provided us the transparency and know-how of the progress of the work being carried out…”

Neil Campbell the Managing Director

“We are now into our second year with the Shinetech team and the attention to detail as well as suggested enhancements that exceed requirements continue to impress. I am delighted with the professionalism and the high standard of work provided that has facilitated a transformation in our systems, and enhances our capacity to grow our service based business.
Good communication is essential to outcome focused IT development and in this the ShineJava developers excel. Confidence and peace of mind are the result.”

Daming Manager of Electronic Tools and Infrastructure

“We started a 3-month collaboration in 2008 as a tryout project. Shinetech not only delivered the project on time but also delivered it with good quality. We have since used Shinetech to augment our software development needs and have successfully completed several big projects. Shinetech engineers have good command of the English language, understand software development processes, and are very responsive to customer needs. They are a good offshore company to work with.”

Christian Horn CEO

“Our company develops software at the highest level and Shinetech is definitely a professional software development company. Since we have started our collaboration the software quality and the communication fulfils always our requirements. We can recommend the service of Shinetech to any company.”

Java case studies

Maintaining and optimizing a marketing analytics software
Migrating a complex legacy system
Reworking an outdated ERP system

Maintenance and optimization of a marketing analytics software

Project Description:
SaaS projects based on data analysis and data marketing are always facing query pressure brought by the continuous growth of data.
During our cooperation with American customers lasting several years, we have continuously improved massive data query performance through continuous research and upgrade.
Ten years ago, when the customer first started working with Shinetech, they were a startup company that required rapid product development. At that time, the common relational database MySQL was used, and the product was developed and launched in a short period. However, with the increase in business volume, this simple database gradually failed to meet the demand. It was necessary to continuously optimize the query of the MySQL database, adjust the index, and adopt optimization measures such as table partitioning and database partitioning. The Shinetech team was responsible for maintaining and optimizing the database to keep it synchronized with business development.
What we did:
The effect of simple optimization measures was very limited. We soon encountered a bottleneck, and it was difficult to continue transforming the original database. After researching and discussing the options with customers, we adopted the Infobright MySQL-based database. This measure improved the data query performance tenfold.
In the following years, new requirements continued to increase over time and a large amount of heterogeneous data needed to be processed. Infobright database once again faced challenges and changes. After investigating and selecting a variety of databases, we finally adopted MongoDB. The initial performance of MongoDB was not ideal, but after several version upgrades and full communication with MongoDB consultants, the performance gradually met the requirements. In the end, we upgraded the system database to MongoDB Cloud. Even if the data volume reaches one billion, the query will be able to handle it without any problems.
The need to improve query performance is endless. With the introduction of new databases, we have new research directions – Vertica, Cassandra, Elasticsearch, Solr, ClickHouse, etc. These solutions are particularly interesting, and if the current products adopt the above new databases, we expect query performance to increase tenfold again.
The next step we are facing is the processing needs of big data, we will look to Hadoop, Spark, or Hive.

Migrating a complex legacy system

Project Description:
The upgrade and transformation of an education platform in a certain state of the United States include about 30 subsystems, such as:
  • Student Registration
  • Parent Portal
  • Student Portal
  • Teacher Portal
  • Employee Portal
  • Discipline Management
  • Attendance Time
  • Scheduling course plan
  • Special Education
  • Human Resources, and other subsystems
Ten years ago, when the customer first started working with Shinetech, they were a startup company that required rapid product development. At that time, the common relational database MySQL was used, and the product was developed and launched in a short period. However, with the increase in business volume, this simple database gradually failed to meet the demand. It was necessary to continuously optimize the query of the MySQL database, adjust the index, and adopt optimization measures such as table partitioning and database partitioning. The Shinetech team was responsible for maintaining and optimizing the database to keep it synchronized with business development.
The added value:
We first took into account that the platform had a large number of subsystems and many users. In order not to disrupt the users, we first tried to upgrade from a single subsystem. We used SpringBoot, SpringMVC, SpringSecurity, and Hibernate to re-implement one of the subsystems. At the same time, the UI has been upgraded to support a responsive and barrier-free design.
After the first subsystem went online, we continued to upgrade other subsystems. At the same time, we encapsulated the UI part into an independent common project, and encapsulated the common modules into an independent common project, greatly reducing code redundancy.
After we upgraded most of the subsystems, we added support for the CAS-based single sign-on function to the platform system to manage all the subsystems.
In the process of upgrading the system, we actively participated in discussing business needs and gained a better and more comprehensive understanding of the business logic for the entire platform. At the same time, we developed and sorted out all kinds of documents that customers were missing, such as business description documents and databases, structure documents, compilation and deployment documents, user manuals, etc. This documentation greatly helped the customer’s follow-up maintenance work.

Reworking an outdated ERP system

Project Description:
Shinetech released a customized ERP system for a nationwide gas contractor and energy specialist for social housing that covers 10,000 properties across the UK. The client noticed its ERP system had become outdated and was no longer able to fulfill its market needs. The client was looking to migrate from its Client/Server architecture to Browse/Server, refine the database structure, and rewrite the business logic.
Project approach:
After reviewing the client’s situation and business model, the Shinetech project leader chose Apache OFBizTM as the starting framework. OFBiz is an open-source product for automating enterprise processes that includes framework components and business applications for Catalog,Procurement,Sales,Inventory,Shipping,Supplier, CRM,Project/Task,CMS,Asset,Accounting,Manufacture,Web Store/Ecommerce, etc. The benefit of using an open-source solution like OFBiz or MOQUI is that the deployment can start fairly quickly. Additionally, it is easy to customize the solution from a set of features and modules to avoid big upfront investment costs on licenses and maintenance. For many smaller companies, the free versions of these frameworks are sufficient, but as a business grows, scalability and extended functionalities are required to meet specific development needs.
The results:
Shinetech development team deployed a reliable, scalable, and effective method to achieve the client’s goals. Through quick delivery and positive results, the client has since shifted the entire development and maintenance responsibility to Shinetech. With a larger development team now dedicated to this project, Shinetech continues to work on the client’s growing IT requirements and optimizing their system and user experience. Additionally, our delivery managers and analysts provide proactive and consultative services to ensure that the most effective technology is in place to help operate a business.

Shinetech dedicated Java development services

When you choose Shinetech as your Java development partner, you gain the expertise of our full-stack engineers and specialists, who have a wealth of business, technical, and architectural knowledge. Our highest-ranked Java experts take care of the whole development process – from ideation to launch, support, and maintenance. We strive to add value at every touchpoint throughout both the development and maintenance phases.

What’s unique about our development approach is that we can work both offshore and onsite, depending on the project requirements. This means that we can arrange for the bulk of work to be done offshore, and have the developers join your local team for a definite period, and oversee the deployment, merging, migration, or research onsite. This approach allows us to significantly reduce risk and close numerous gaps in communication and efficiency.

Here’s what the process of working with us looks like:

Who you’ll be working with

Mian Wang

Mian Wang

Mian is a senior Java development engineer with 15+ years of experience in software development and project management. He is knowledgeable in enterprise informatization, upgrading and transforming old systems, especially in car rental and education industries.

Cee Wang

Cee Wang

Cee has worked with many clients on various projects: Flex video websites, Grails management systems, Java data marketing systems, etc. His longest project cooperation time is 10 years. It started from the start of a customer's entrepreneurship, grows with the customer, and gradually grows. Cee also changes from a programmer to a project manager, and maintains the efficiency of the team to make value for customers’ delivered products.

Justin Wang

Justin Wang
Justin has 10+ years of work experience and has a strong sense of responsibility. Strong environmental adaptability, able to quickly adapt to the new working environment. Have a team spirit, good at coordinating interpersonal relationships in the team. Excellent learning ability can quickly adapt to new technologies and new architectures. Good at solving more difficult problems, and committed to providing customers with better solutions.

Andy Chu

Andy Chu
Andy is a senior software engineer. He has 10+ years of software design and development experience. He is proficient in popular back-end and front-end frameworks, possesses a thorough understanding of software design methodologies, information systems architecture, and software design patterns.

Albert Xiao

Albert Xiao
Albert is a senior software engineer and team manager. He has rich experience in working with high-performing distributed systems and popular backend/frontend frameworks. He also has experience in data science, algorithm design and high performance computing. He can provide complete techinical solutions by communicating with customers and analyzing requirements.

Bin Hu
Bin Specializes in developing safety management systems for raw chemicals. Has 20+ years of Java development experience and 10+ years of customized development experience for European and American markets. Good at sorting out complex business logic, analyzing business processes, defining product requirements, and guiding development teams. Develops solutions that are a great fit for flexible and complex report generation systems. He also has extensive experience in migrating locally deployed software to the cloud.

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