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Uncover better ways to incorporate eCommerce automation testing into your business workflow. Our Agile testing teams and QA specialists help ensure the brilliant solutions you build also meet your quality and release targets.

Shinetech eCommerce Automation Testing

Efficiency, Reliability, High Standards

When growing your eCommerce business, the technology should help you achieve results quickly and efficiently. Over the years, we noticed how necessary QA testing is for sustainable growth, risk mitigation, and staying within budget.

At Shinetech Software, we focus on providing the capacity and expertise needed for running extensive automation testing environments and stress-testing your infrastructure to ensure your business runs smoothly and meets your customer base’s requirements and expectations. Shinetech’s QA testers have extensive hands-on experience with large, international eCommerce systems and small, localised operations. Our QA specialists discover and address potential and current security, functionality, design, and performance obstacles so your system provides the best customer experience, translating into improved conversions.

We also focus on stress testing, performance testing, load testing, and user experience testing; we create detailed pathways to ensure your customers have great experience when interacting with your systems and the delay between your server and the front-end is reduced to a minimum. We also focus on uncovering and implementing logical solutions that the customers are used to, following the best industry standards.

Full-time senior Agile testers
30 +
Testing projects delivered
200 +
Clients around the world
300 +
Typical cooperation span
3 + years

Our approach to eCommerce automation testing is based on Agile testing principles and industry best practices. Agile testing principles allow us to approach eCommerce testing iteratively and continuously; it enables us to run tests in sprints and coordinate our efforts with your development team’s deployments. This kind of approach allows us to reduce costs, decrease your systems’ exposure to risk, and stabilise the overall performance needed for the systems to function to their full capacity.

Based on the Agile testing principles, we provide tailor-made, scalable, and on-demand QA and Testing services utilising Shinetech’s talents in 20 locations in 6 countries. With an average of 5+ years of related experience, our QA and Testing specialists can support your product operations, whether you are in the software development strategy transition (from Waterfall to Agile) or already using Agile. Our QA and Testing personnel add to your development processes by:  

  • Participating in planning sessions onsite or online, with QA estimates for velocity and story points
  • Contributing to stand-up meetings with current test status and immediate quality goals
  • Directly recording test results and defect reports in your test management and bug-tracking systems
  • Improving Agile testing and development with product and engineer team(s) in retrospective meetings
  • Keeping the development processes from becoming mini-waterfall

eCommerce Automation Testing Service Features

We provide a team-based service model. The features are:

  • Experienced QA Talent
    Our T-Shaped professionals know the Agile operational concepts that produce a quick, short-term turnaround of proposed features into working software, whether performing user acceptance testing, localisation testing, performance testing, or functionality testing.
  • Transparency
    Works exclusively on a single project, closely collaborating with the client’s staff, with 100% transparency and control. By joining different Scrum teams, the tester will partly fill the knowledge gap between each Scrum team.
  • Team-Based Cooperation Mode
    Scalable as you go. With accumulated knowledge, make bold decisions that result in cutting-edge products when they work together. We have successfully been working with e-commerce websites in 20 developer-team.
  • Remote Working
    Excellent practical experience in remote work, seamlessly integrated with the distributed development team and can support different time zone. We are running a community of remote-working talents.
  • eCommerce Industry Experience

    With excellent knowledge of e-commerce, we guarantee a great shopping user experience of the e-commerce website for your customer and minimize the loss due to incorrect orders, promotions, pricing, etc.

Case Study: How eCommerce Automation Testing Improves a Global Enterprise

When Shinetech Software was approached by an established US IT company, we assembled a team of 30+ developers and 10+ QA specialists to work on this project with the customer. Upon understanding their business, we set out to develop a localised Magento-based store for the customer’s Asia Pacific operations – primarily addressing their Chinese customers.

When our developers finished a feature, it was immediately put to different testing environments. We performed stress testing and heavy load testing because we expected millions of monthly site visits. Shinetech’s QA specialists were involved in every part of the process – from planning to strategy, analysis, framework building and execution.

The customer achieved a 300-400% increase in sales and decided to entrust Shinetech Software with developing their other localised sites.

Read our full Magento eCommerce case study here.

Case Study: A US-based eCommerce Giant's Benefits of Automation Testing

A US-based home improvement retail enterprise approached Shinetech Software to expand their IT department. They had Java-based systems and were looking for stable productivity and output for their upcoming projects. We started our collaboration with a 1-week free trial and it quickly grew to full cooperation.

A team of 6 QA specialists worked on this project, and the testing methods we used allowed us to deliver more than 60 releases. Regression testing was the primary testing mode we used to ensure the system’s overall stability and keep development efficiency high. We also performed stability, scalability, and performance testing to confirm the customer had a reliable and sustainable system in place. The customer has complex business logic, so we needed to perform testing operations in such a way so as not to disrupt their buyers’ shopping experience.

Read our full case study on this link.

Java-based enterprise solution for backend web development


Testing Tools that We Master

We specialise in many kinds of testing tools like Selenium, Ghost Inspector, Appium, Quick Test Profession, SoapUI, LoadRunner, JMeter, PostMAN, SQL, MongoDB etc. We also use some very effective CI server tools like Jenkins and Bamboo to automate build testing and integration. Our test engineers write scripts with languages like C#, Java, Python and JavaScript.

We utilise SoapUI, Selenium, and Python to run various scripts for stability and performance testing purposes, but we also specialise in other testing methods and tools. The extensive list of QA tools we use for testing is below.

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Seamless Integration with Your Preferred Project Management Tools

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