Case Study:

How Shinetech Helped a Consumer Goods Online Store Launch a Customized Subscription Service





Shopify Optimization

A 9-developer Team

Client & Requirements

The client is an online store that sells innovative and customized products in the consumer goods industry. They desired to provide a one-of-a-kind shopping experience to their users by enabling them to design their own individualized sets of items and subscribe to receive them monthly.


Helping the client complete their website presented several challenges:

Overdesign of the website

The website was 70% finished by another team before Shinetech took over.The structure involved integrating multiple services with different functionalities and dependencies, including Shopify, a custom frontend, and a standalone database. Obviously, the previous team utilized a complex structure for the website that was not consistent with Shopify’s recommended practices. As a result, a significant amount of time and effort was required to comprehend their design and code before proceeding with the remaining tasks.

Tight timeline

The project had a tight timeline as the client had already established a go-live date based on their marketing plan. However, they did not consider the status of the website when our team took over the project, placing additional pressure on us to analyze the development progress, address bugs, issues, and finish any incomplete portions within the given deadline.
The client constantly changed their requirements, primarily as a result of changes in their marketing or branding strategies. This unforeseen variability introduced extra complexity and uncertainty into the project scope and deliverables.
The key feature of the website, the customized box, could not be fully controlled or modified on the Shopify platform because of the constraints and limitations of its design.

The Solution

Shinetech proposed and implemented the following solutions to overcome the challenges:

Optimize the structure to make it simpler and more compatible

The Shinetech 9-developer team has invested time and energy in studying the business background and the existing system while rebuilding it from the first task. It became a habit and was kept over the first two years of the cooperation, enabling us to communicate with the client efficiently and understand their needs accurately, guaranteeing quality deliveries and adding value to the client’s business.

Special developers assigned for code analyzing to save time

  • We reconstructed the old system to make it more in line with their current business needs. The more advanced technical combination of AWS & .Net Core & Angular was used to replace the original independent Server & PHP.
  • To solve the problems caused by slow loading, we used Single Page Application (SPA) technology, which sped up the loading time by 30%~40%.
  • We studied the existing UI and improved the visual interface and feature set.

Prioritize tasks to ensure timely results without compromising quality

Due to the client’s industry characteristics, we made special efforts in data security, using auditing, reinforcement, and scanning technologies to ensure the security performance of the cloud server so as to ensure that client’s data is always safe.

Sufficient communication is always necessary without compromising quality

e used agile methodology and fast release based on the prototype to make sure that the deliverables met the client’s requirements. We also maintained daily communication with the client to provide status updates, gather feedback and respond quickly to changes. For each change request, our team estimated the effort required and discussed with the client to determine its priority. If a requirement was deemed necessary, it would be included in the current sprint, while some items might be moved to the following sprint.



The results

With the assistance of Shinetech, the client managed to successfully and promptly launch their website. The website is currently operating smoothly and has received positive feedback from satisfied users who had a great shopping experience. Additional phases are scheduled and will be implemented according to the client’s budget arrangement. The client expressed their high regard for Shinetech’s services and gladly agreed to serve as a reference for future projects.

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