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Why You Need a Full Stack Marketer (II)

In our previous post, we have covered where the term “full stack marketer” comes from and why this role fits for both big enterprises and small or medium-sized companies. Whilst the demand for full stack digital marketers keeps rising steadily, the discussion about what contributes to a super competitive full stack marketer and what skills are particular required is also ongoing across different industries. Based on the results gathered from the interviews with Shinetech marketing team, together with some secondary research conducted online, we figure out top 5 must-have killing skills for a competitive full stack marketer.

Shinetech Europe outlines top 5 skillsets that a full stack marketer should have and lists resources where marketers can use to improve their digital skills.

Top 5 Skills a Full Stack Marketer Should Have

1. Marketing Strategy Development and Planning

A successful project always starts with a comprehensive strategic planning. In the same vein, a business may fail if there is no integrated plan for all marketing activities. When we refer to a marketing plan, it should include both online and offline promotional activity plan. Nowadays, as most digital marketers put a strong emphasis on increasing brands online visibility and boosting online conversion, the offline marketing activities are inclined to be ignored somehow. However, events, exhibition and other promotions still play an essential role in integrated marketing communication. In general, apart from overall marketing strategies, it is also necessary to breakdown your integrated plan into several pieces according to communication channels. Always remember not to neither dip your toes into too much detailed information nor just draw a general picture with “flowery” words. There are a couple of key elements you should include in the strategic planning such as main objectives, the approach you intend to take in order to achieve the goals and timeframe. Once the planning is completed, it is highly recommended to use SMART principles to measure whether the planning can serve as a good guidance for your marketing team. The resources listed below provide you with sufficient information regarding how to make concrete marketing strategies.

● Developing a marketing strategy:

● Developing a digital marketing strategy:

2. Project Management

Project management is not unique skillset for product manager any more. As a full stack marketer, you also need to have proficient project management skills. From launching a PPC marketing campaign to webpage optimization, every individual project should be kept on the right track. According to the Digital Project Manager, “leadership”, “communication”, “planning”, “time management”, “risk control”, “negotiation” as well as “subject matter expertise” are considered as the most important skills in project management. Whilst adopting these skills on daily basis, getting hands-on experience in using emerging PM tools as fast as possible is also a must. With a vast variety of project management applications available ranging from task status tracking to activity reporting, these tools definitely help leverage the teamwork productivity and increase the transparency of operations. The three emerging pm tools below cover your daily activities across all teams and fit for both startups and large companies.

● Trello: Just drag and drop to arrange your tasks and topics. A free visual way to keep your projects on track

● Jira: Specifically targeted for software development teams. This software makes it easy to track bugs and see task status.

● Zoho Projects: Some features such as reporting, integration with Dropbox and bug tracking are awesome. If you start a project from scratch, it definitely comes in handy.

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