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Why You Need a Full Stack Marketer (I)

As digital marketing continues to evolve, discussion around “what a true modern marketer looks like” never fails to fascinate people who come from both industry and enterprises to share their thoughts. Though the required education background as well as skillsets may vary from one to another according to job positions, a consensus reached so far is that digital marketing is no longer solely about creativity, advertising or marketing analysis. In other words, a modern digital marketer should, not only understand the code as well as design, but also be equipped with both data analysis skills and creative-thinking. Coupled with multiple requests desired from employers, the number of interesting job titles including growth hacker, digital marketing warrior, or digital ninja keeps rising. But when taking a look into the details of those job requirements, it’s quite obvious that the objectives, mind-set and working philosophy behind these jobs is pretty similar: to have a marketer who has developed a solid digital marketing framework for business to grow from scratch and he/she can work across a range of marketing disciplines. This is where the full stack marketer comes on the scene. As this concept has been immensely advocated among startups and small or medium-sized enterprises, combining with our experience in digital solutions, we are going to explore the key characteristics of a full-stack marketer and tap into the details about how they fit in with an organisation in the following text.

Shinetech Europe outlines the most important features that a full-stack digital marketer should have and explains where a full-stack marketer fits.

The Importance of Full Stack Marketer

What does a full stack marketer look like

The term “full stack” originates from the software development world and the concept refers to those who have a wealth of knowledge and rich experience to work across every aspect of the development “stack”. For instance, a full stack developer is capable of doing business analysis by defining customers’ requirements on IT system as well as business process and identifying a valid solution of digital transformation. On the other hand, he can also manage the whole process of web development or mobile app development with his designing skills and programming knowledge. While full stack developers have expertise at every facet of stack, they turn out to be a “toastmaster” towards how the entire development process works and adjust themselves accordingly with hyper flexibility to different projects and tasks. Similar to full stack developer, a full stack marketer is a concept describing the type of skills, mindset and approach a marketer should be capable of from strategy planning, technical perspective and an operational level. In other words, the full stack marketer is multi-skilled with solid practical working knowledge and understanding across all digital marketing channels. The depth of knowledge, along with breadth of skills drives those full stack marketers to learn and adapt fast. Most importantly, fix “bugs” and get all the job done properly as quickly as possible.

Startups or big enterprises? Where do full stack marketer fit

This might be a tricky question. Most people perceive a full stack marketer entrepreneurial and consider startups as a home to these marketers. It is fair enough to say that in startups or small and medium companies where the broad digital marketing knowledge weighs higher than specific in-depth knowledge required, you will be able to find these full stack marketers. Since these companies are keen on achieving fast business growth in a short period of time, they would love to hire those who are proactive, willing to take initiatives to go extra miles and full of digital skillsets to walk through the project from scratch to its completion.

However, those digital marketing ninjas can still survive in larger companies though they are not able to involved in every “marketing stack”, the breadth of digital marketing knowledge as well as their velocity towards changes enable them to see the whole picture of entire marketing process and help them coordinate better with other channels.

No matter which type of organisation they belong to, a common prerequisite for full stack marketers is their ability to discover the problems, address the issues, find, and measure the solutions, which demonstrate the value of digital marketing for the business as well as the strong focus on customers.

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