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Bespoke Digital Solutions for Startups

Grow your business with our bespoke digital solutions.

How Can We Help

Knowing what cutting-edge digital technologies can do, our bespoke digital solutions range from business analysis, product design to ongoing support for startups across the world. With the adoption of our unique development approach, our dedicated product experts help you troubleshoot all the obstacles you are confronted in any development phase of your project.


Idea validation is critical to success. Our business analysts help to identify your business plan and define your project scope so that it effectively meets your business objectives and particularly, the needs of your target audience. We provide competitor analysis and conduct assessment into your market sector to ensure your project ideas are thoroughly validated.

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Prototyping is a great way to take your idea off the ground. A product prototype not only enables you to test and refine the functionality of your product, but also makes it possible to help you design an intuitive user experience. Our designers are very fast at creating fully-interactive prototypes that look and work exactly like your product should according to your requirements.

Our product development services >


Involving minimal resources and reducing the unnecessary programming hours, a proper MVP is a process of hypothesis testing and validation. As a result, it not only helps you get the invaluable early customer insights into the actual features you should build and develop, but also lays a solid foundation for your final product development and “go-to-market” strategies. Following a lean startup approach to develop a minimum viable product, we first specify and analyze the key components in each development phase. Then, with a compelling visualization of your product core features, we develop your MVP within a few sprints. In the end, you are able to use your MVP to test the market.

Our minimum viable product development >


Innovation is just the beginning. Followed by the MVP development, our product experts first gather your requirements based on your market feedback of your previous MVP testing. Taking the findings and needs to the next level, we will identify how to develop an architect intuitive, effective, practical and cost-efficient product with the use of suitable programming language. Additionally, our competitive rates, together with high successful project delivery rate ensures that you can benefit from our high quality deliverables in a cost-efficient way.

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The digital transformation of your business needs to be tested before implementation. Quality assurance not only help prevent defects in software systems, but also create a better user experience. Our dedicated team provides structured testing services to help you with quality improvement and risk forecast by applying our zero defects strategy. We take care of the entire testing process, validating each element as it’s coded and then again as part of the finished product. From stakeholder sessions and rigorous load testing to specialised automated services and bespoke testing procedures, we deliver independently sourced feedback. In the end, our clients have benefited from total testing cost reduction and high level of service quality.

Our testing services >

Ongoing Support

Serving as the most important part of our project management services, our ongoing support provides reassurance and guidance at every stage of your project development. Not only does this ensure your project stay on track but it also creates a collaborative environment in which new businesses can test their ideas in confidence. Additionally, our teams of project managers, analysts and developers work closely to craft a flawless support plan for your business in order to always keep your project on the right track.

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Our Business Solutions
Who We Work With

The world's leading companies, startups, innovative entrepreneurs and incubators.

Track Day Genius

An intuitive lap timer coupled with clever data logging features to enhance the on-track performance through learning & sharing.

  • Data and performance report playback

  • 500+ racetracks around the world in the database

  • Engage in a social hub with your track day buddies


Digital portable guidebooks tailored for hunting in Austria area.

  • An app integrating all data required for hunting

  • Offline updates on a regular basis

Barts Health NHS Trust

A website aiming to provide Barts Health workforce with the necessary skills to meet the needs of patients and deliver safe and compassionate care.

  • The site provides users with the tools they need to fulfil key elements of statutory and mandatory safety obligations

  • Users can download the interactive PDF and take quizzes

  • Users can check their quiz completion history without login


Portable, quick and easy live scoring system designed for golfers, clubs & society organisers.

  • Live scoring from start to end of a match

  • Automatically calculates handicap stroke

  • Automatically updated live leaderboard


With three-year collaboration with our offshore development team, several SaaS products were completed and successfully launched to the markets.

  • Develop system for agencies: restaurant search/booking, booking analysis

  • Develop system for diners: restaurant search on name/location/discounts, map search, restaurant booking

  • Develop system for restaurant owners: base information management, sales promotion management, campaign management, reports management

IFX Markets

Simply useful trading mobile application to trade and research.

  • Provide current financial world and company news and events

  • Simple navigation, real-time updates, and enriched content from IFX market data feed


If you are not satisfied: The cost of the latest iteration (two weeks at most) will be waived if client is not satisfied with the deliverables and notifies Shinetech within 1 week.

Depending on your requirements, the contract can be project-based, prioritized user story-based and workload-based. All types of contract can be cancelled within 10 working days if you are not satisfied with our performance or staff.

Our competitive rates, together with high successful rate of project delivery ensure that you can benefit from our high quality deliverables in a cost-efficient way.

A free consultation with our industry specialist is available. We will respond within one business day with a further evaluation regarding your requirements.

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